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Greater Spokane Incorporated Applauds Proposed Transportation Package
(Spokane, Wash.) - The Greater Spokane Incorporated Board of Trustees applauds a transportation package proposed for the region that would fund critical infrastructure, road maintenance and preservation, and necessary upgrades and reforms. The package will improve efficiencies of our transportation system, which will generate economic development opportunities that support and meet businesses requirements for expansion and continued growth.

Senator Baumgartner and Senator Billig have championed several important regional projects to be included in a transportation package to be presented to the Senate Transportation Committee, calling for $15 billion dollars in new funding over the next 16 years for highway preservation and maintenance and highway project completion and improvements.

The plan includes an 11.5 cent gas tax increase phased in over the next three years and will provide funding for multiple Spokane area projects including $861 million for the North Spokane Corridor, $24 million for the Medical Lake/Geiger Interchanges, $21 million for Barker Road to Harvard Road, and more, all of which are projects listed on the regional 2015 State Legislative Priority Agenda. Other regional projects of significance include Spokane Central City Line, Palouse River and Coulee City RR - Rehabilitation and Bigelow Gulch.

"Funding is critical for the maintenance and preservation of our roads in this community - and our transportation needs are continuing to grow. If our community wants to stay competitive, attract businesses and grow jobs, we need to fund the infrastructure to support it," said Steve Stevens, president & CEO of Greater Spokane Incorporated. "This package contains several projects GSI identified as top priority projects for the region that are critical to mobility and future economic development."

The funding will also help maintain roads. Driving on deficient roads costs Spokane drivers approximately $1,423 per year as a result of driving on roads in need of repair.

Once completed, the North Spokane Corridor will reduce the time significantly for companies to ship and receive products, and will provide over 400 jobs a year while under construction, will support businesses transportation requirements, and will save travel time - over 9.4 million hours per year with an annual savings of 240 million.

About Greater Spokane Incorporated

Greater Spokane Incorporated (GSI), the Spokane region's Chamber and Economic Development organization, has been creating something greater for Spokane and the Inland Northwest since 1881. GSI is charged with the mission of growing jobs and business investment through robust programs in economic and workforce development, public policy and small business. GSI is funded through a combination of private and public investment, including 1,200 private-sector member investors; Spokane County; Washington State Department of Commerce; and the cities of Spokane, Spokane Valley, Cheney, Liberty Lake, Medical Lake and Newport, as well as the Kalispel Tribe of Indians. For more information, visit or contact us at 509-624-1393 or 1 800 SPOKANE.

Bonds and Levies - Videos


Bonds and Levies - What Supporters Say

"When companies come to visit Spokane and they’re thinking of relocating here, one of the first questions they ask is 'How is the school system?' If they have kids, they want them to be in good schools, and if they have a work force, they need a work force they can train or that’s already trained. It’s a constant effort for businesses to keep up-to-speed and deliver what the consumer needs and wants. Education is very important to our local economy. Join me in voting yes for bonds and levies."

Tom Johnson, STCU

"Most of the people Avista recruits are native to this area so we want to make sure we have students all through the pipeline from the grade schools to the high schools to colleges that have the tools to excel and to learn. It’s important for companies that come here to know there is a talented pool of candidates to recruit from. We need to have businesses here that attract kids to stay. Many people leave the area after graduating from college because they don’t think there are job opportunities available here. We need to keep our community competitive and thriving. Join me in voting yes for bonds and levies."

Heather Rosentrater, Avista

"As the Regional President at U.S. Bank, I’m doing everything I can to encourage others to be in support of a very strong, vibrant school system. Both my kids attend Spokane Public Schools and have had a wonderful experience. I also serve as the chair of the Greater Spokane Incorporated Board of Trustees. Our mission is to grow jobs and investment in this community. A sound school system is the number one driver for businesses looking to relocate. We need to make sure we’re supporting all our school districts and make sure they’re well-funded for the future. Join me in voting yes for bonds and levies."

Linda Elkin, Regional President, U.S. Bank

"Schools are the gateway to opportunity for kids and for our economy. If the kids aren’t getting the education that they need and that they desire, we’re failing them, but we’re also failing ourselves for the future. We aren’t going to be able to lead the United States into the future and stay the innovative force that we are if we don’t have the skills that are cutting edge. If we look at the biggest drivers in our community—healthcare, government, education—every one of them requires a good education. Join me in voting yes for bonds and levies."

Kim Pearman-Gilman, McKinstry

"A lot of companies are really looking for skilled labor. When I worked at Wagstaff, we needed employees with skills and there were none, and there is still not a lot. It’s a detriment to the economy. If you don’t have the skilled labor, the quality of your product and your reputation will be harmed. I see the need for continued growth in education at the K-12 level. We need to stay up with advances in technology, and that starts at the school level when kids are exposed to it. Join me in voting yes for bonds and levies."

Paul May, Retired CEO, Wagstaff

"If there’s one area we need to give back it is to those who are going to follow in our footsteps. America will continue to have many challenges in front of her, and as such, we must help our  youth to be better than we are. They will drive innovation and be the future leaders to make this a better place to live. We need to give them tools for success to provide our students good, safe facilities to learn. I truly believe that by investing in our youth, by funding education, we can have a brighter American tomorrow. Join me in voting yes for bonds and levies."

Brian Newberry, Leadership Spokane

"Supporting bonds and levies is good for our economy. Top quality schools in Spokane attract businesses to our area and provide a steady and stable workforce for existing local businesses. A strong K-12 education system is critical to creating a skilled workforce to lead technological growth and innovation and be competitive in the marketplace. Without levies, critical school programs will be eliminated. Without bonds, we can’t meet growing demand and safety concerns.  It’s in our best interest to provide ample funding for our students and schools so that our children and Spokane’s economy thrive for the long term. Join me in voting yes for bonds and levies."

Bruce Williams

"At Community Colleges of Spokane, we support the K-12 bonds and levies because workforce preparation starts early. It is one of the leading reasons people select and move their businesses or stay in business. So to keep and attract employers, we have to show the investment the community has in education. We need our students to be well-prepared for the future. It’s the right thing to do for young people so our region can remain competitive. We want people to be proud of this region and that we contribute to the overall benefit of the state and the country. Join me in voting yes for bonds and levies."

Christine Johnson, Chancellor, Community Colleges of Spokane

"PAML is a comprehensive and sophisticated organization that requires talented and skilled individuals, and we are finding it difficult to find talent locally. There is gap because the pipeline of students doesn’t start in college. It starts in grade school and in high school.  We need that focus on a good education from kindergarten. I don’t think there’s a better legacy you can leave the next generation than education. Money can go away. Properties can go away. Jobs can go away. But your education, you always have with you. Join me in voting yes for bonds and levies."

Dr. Francisco Valezquez, PAML




Bonds and Levies Rally

January 21, 2015

Greater Spokane Incorporated invites you to join us with citizen volunteers, parents and guardians, educators, administrators, school board members and business owners from multiple districts in the county, along with area elected officials as we all show our support for strong public schools! Bring your yard sign for waving and enjoy the camaraderie! #EducationGrowsEconomies #VoteYes #BeEducated

WHEN: Saturday, January 24, 2015 | 9:00 - 10:00 AM
WHERE: Riverfront Park - Red Wagon

Speakers include:

Tom Johnson, President & CEO, STCU
County Commissioner Shelly O'Quinn
Dr. Christine Johnson, Community Colleges of Spokane
Spokane Council President Ben Stuckart
Alisha Benson, Vice President Education and Workforce/Spokane STEM, Greater Spokane Incorporated

Visit our bonds and levies page


Job Opening- Membership Account Manager
POSITION TITLE: Membership Account Manager


EMPLOYMENT STATUS: Regular, Full-time; Exempt; Work in partnership with current Membership Account Manager.

GSI is seeking a qualified sales professional to increase growth in membership accounts and revenue.   The successful candidate will join a collaborative team and be responsible for the full sales cycle as well as support member retention and contribute to the identification and improvement of programs, andservices, to best meet the needs of current and prospective members.

The successful candidate will be an experienced and highly motivated self-starter.  He/she must be able to develop and maintain a robust prospect pipeline, build professional relationships, understand the needs of potential members, propose the appropriate membership level, and close the sale.

Must-Have Sales Skills:

  • Prospecting: A successful candidate will generate his/her own leads every week and will follow up with incoming inquires as assigned
  • Cold calling: both inside and outside sales
  • Qualifying Leads: Finding the decision maker and overcoming objections are essential to success

    Responsibilities include:
  • Sell membership to businesses and organizations
  • Develop strategies and plans to achieve and surpass individual monthly and annual sales goals, Increase overall sales as well as value per sale
  • Develop and maintain an active prospect database & lead pipeline
  • Maintain accurate records and utilize a CRM system
  • Assist with the implementation of targeted sales projects
  • Establish working relationships with new and current members to support member retention
  • Attend, and outreach to new and currentmembers at GSI at events, and programs including monthly Good Morning Greater Spokane Breakfasts and Business After Hours events and a number of annual events including Annual Meeting, Economic Forecast, and Business-to Business Trade Show.
  • Participate in grand openings, ribbon cutting ceremonies and other membership events
  • Participate in other trade shows, programs and professional organizations to build connections and identify businesses for which GSI membership may be valuable
  • Work in collaboration and partnership with current Membership Account Manager and contribute to positive team environment.
  • Facilitate and/or serve as staff liaison to committee   meetings as assigned
  • Other responsibilities and duties as assigned

  • Bachelor's Degree preferred
  • Minimum 4 to 6 years sales experience that included cold calling, prospecting, and lead generation
  • Demonstratedrecord of selling a service,  "intangible" service,  or non-profit development experience a plus
  • Proven ability to exceed goals
  • Excellent  written/verbal/presentation skills
  • A problem solver with consultative selling experience
  • Ability to handle multiple projects concurrently
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office products
  • Enthusiasm and team spirit

We offer a base salary plusa commission structure that rewards Membership Account Managers that meet and exceed their goals.


Travel by automobile in the Spokane and Coeur d'Alene area is required. Mileage reimbursement, cell phone expenses, andreimbursement for pre-approved meal expenses is provided.


Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. are GSI office hours.  Flexibility is afforded in this position due to the nature of this job.

BENEFITS: We also offer an excellent benefits package.   Medical, dental, life and long-term disability insurance, paid vacation and sick leave, holidays and employer sponsored 401(k) plan.

Please submit your resume and a cover letter to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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