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aerialThree seats up for grabs this election season.

The Spokane City Council could look a lot different after the Nov. 8 election. Seats in districts 1, 2 and 3 are up for grabs this year, with Richard Rush in District 2 looking for re-election.

District 1 - Spokane's Northeast district - features Mike Fagan and Donna McKereghan vying for the seat. Both have experience running for City Council, as Fagan lost to Amber Waldref in 2009 and McKereghan lost to Bob Apple in 2007.

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Mike Allen is running against the aforementioned Rush in District 2. One area in which the candidates differ is city departments. Rush believes the city should stick with its current departments, while Allen would like to take a look at where the city is at and prioritize.

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In Northwest Spokane sits District 1, where Steve Salvatori and Joy Jones are challenging each other for the council seat.

Salvatori points to his experience as a business owner, while Jones highlights her experience growing up in Spokane and her experience assisting local businesses.

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