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tanker-contractAction Needed to Protect Fairchild Air Force Base

Greater Spokane Incorporated is urging voters in Spokane County to Vote Yes on Prop 1 this fall.

Prop 1 is a levy in Spokane County that would raise no more than approximately $18 million so the County can purchase land in the Accident Potential Zone (APZ) at the end of the runway at Fairchild Air Force Base. Currently, nearly 190 manufactured home units occupy the land within the APZ, creating an encroachment problem for the base and for our community.

The levy is 6.5 cents per $1,000 of assessed property value. The economic impact of the military in Spokane County - largely fueled by Fairchild - is about $1.3 billion, according to Spokane County. Throughout the length of the levy - no more than nine years - the economic impact of the military is $11.7 billion.

With an expected round of base closures in the next two or three years, we must do all we can to protect Fairchild Air Force Base from encroachment. In a 1995 assessment, the Department of Defense labeled the housing in the APZ a "significant incompatible land use." Fairchild Air Force Base is our region's largest employer - nearly 6,000 civilian and enlisted personnel work on the base. Nearly 8,000 residents live on the base, and many more employees live in our communities, go to our schools, shop at our stores and contribute to the economy. Losing the base would be catastrophic.

We urge you to help protect Fairchild and Vote Yes on Prop 1.