More Than A Medical School


One of Greater Spokane Incorporated's priority projects for the community is the continued support and build out of medical education in the Spokane region. GSI supports both Washington State University and University of Washington as they move forward in their developments of medical education in our region.

Medical education is an important development - both from an economic development perspective in achieving a 20-year annual economic impact of $1.6 billion and over 9,000 jobs and developments in biomedical research, but it is also necessary to address the state's growing physician shortage and the need for improved healthcare access in Eastern Washington, particularly primary care physicians in rural and underserved areas.

Vision 2030 is a community-wide effort to create and execute a comprehensive world-class center of academic health sciences medical education, bioscience research and commercialization resulting in robust bioscience industry growth with unprecedented economic impact to the greater-Spokane region.

As the lead economic development organization for the region, GSI has been working for more than a decade with community and higher education partners to shape the comprehensive vision. Learn more about Vision 2030 by reading our informative one-sheet.

For more information about medical education at WSU Spokane visit:
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The Academic Health Science Center at Spokane's Riverpoint Campus is more than a medical school. It's about transforming the future of health care with a new kind of teaching and research center that will be an economic game changer for the region.