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near-nature-near-perfectThe Spokane region offers lots of benefits for individuals and businesses looking to move to a new area, including excellent recreational opportunities, low-cost living, affordable homes, abundant educational offerings and a diversified industry base.

Interested in moving to the Spokane region? Printed Relocation Guides and complete relocation packages can be ordered for $5.75 by contacting Nancy Vanni at 509.624.1393 or 800.SPOKANE.  Relocation packets include information on important contacts, business resources and government agencies, as well as information on Spokane, facts and figures, transportation, education, healthcare, recreation, business and residential communities.

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News: Spokane continues to maintain a low cost of living.


"In 2003, my family moved from Orange County to Spokane. We traded the smoggy bumper-to-bumper freeway commute three feet apart for a slew of friendly neighbors in houses 1/3 acre apart. There is a reason to sit on a front porch - the four seasons provide a rich vision of changing colors and textures. It is so much easier to balance life up here-I am so glad we made the move."

Cecilia W., Inland Northwest Health Services