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The Spokane region offers ideal residential housing costs in a great housing market for the real estate of Spokane.Many residents consider Spokane an ideal place to raise a family. Quiet neighborhoods, tree-lined boulevards and year-round recreation provide a quality of life that is unmatched.

Housing choices are abundant. There are homes in every style and price range imaginable, from contemporary to Victorian brick homes dating back to the early 1900s. Whether you are looking for an affordable home near school and shopping, a home in a retirement area, or on one of Spokane's many golf courses, the housing market can accommodate your needs.



Residential Housing Costs-Single Family Home Sales
Year Average Price
2002 $124,973
2003 $134,251
2004 $146,415
2005 $172,620
2006 $197,384
2007 $211,872
2008 $206,303
2009 $187,585
2010 $183,453
2011 $167,665
2012 $177,363

Source: Journal of Business - 2013 Market Fact Book