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In business, success depends on what you know and who you know.  Joining Greater Spokane Incorporated, or GSI, will put you in touch with new potential customers and clients, provide practical business training for you and your staff and increase your visibility in the community.

Interested in learning more about membership? Call 509.321.3619 or email our Membership Director, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it !

  • Events:
    Greater Spokane Incorporated holds 70+ events per year.  Each offers opportunities to meet your target market.  

  • Marketing Opportunities:
    Membership provides a variety of ways to gain exposure for your business, from an annual tradeshow to on-line advertising to targeted sponsorships.

  • Grow Professionally:
    As a member, you and your employees have access to dynamic workshops offering the latest business practices taught by local experts. Tap into critical expertise in four areas – law, accounting, human resources and marketing – through our members-only advisors network. 

  • Strengthen the Community:
    While you are using Greater Spokane Incorporated’s resources to improve your business, staff and volunteers are using our collective strength in Olympia, Washington, D.C. and local government to improve the region’s business climate and build a more prosperous community for all.  

  • Be Involved:
    We encourage our members to become active in one of our committees. Everyone of your employees is welcome to particpate in GSI as part of your membership.

  • Save Time & Money:
    Take advantage of our programs that leverage individual buying power into an extensive network of other businesses.  Offerings include group health and dental insurance and a host of cost-saving programs.