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Community OverviewThe Spokane region serves as the business, transportation, medical, industrial and cultural hub of the Inland Northwest, an area that comprises a population of more than 1.4 million people.  Our region is located on the east side of Washington state, 18 miles west of the Idaho state line and 100 miles south of the Canadian border.

The regional economy is diverse, thriving on the emergence of new technologies in research and education, health and bio-sciences, while embracing new developments in traditional industries including agriculture, manufacturing and forestry. Over the past few years, population and job growth in the Spokane region continue to outperform national trends.  

In partnership with industry, the economy relies on the region’s continued investments in human capital and infrastructure to create an environment for success.  Our award-winning K-12 schools and world-class colleges and universities reflect the region’s solid commitment to education.  Significant transportation and communication assets position the region for sustained growth and development.



"In 2003, my family moved from Orange County to Spokane. We traded the smoggy bumper-to-bumper freeway commute three feet apart for a slew of friendly neighbors in houses 1/3 acre apart. There is a reason to sit on a front porch - the four seasons provide a rich vision of changing colors and textures. It is so much easier to balance life up here-I am so glad we made the move."

Cecilia W., Inland Northwest Health Services