Annual Meeting Showcases Current and Future Growth of Medical Education

A record crowd of 1,100 members attended our Annual Meeting this week and heard from keynote speakers Lisa Brown, the Chancellor at WSU Spokane, and Paul Ramsey, the Dean of the UW School of Medicine, CEO of UW Medicine, and Executive Vice President for Medical Affairs. Brown and Ramsey each voiced their support for expanded graduate medical education at Spokane’s Riverpoint Campus. Brown took the moment to announce that the business community in the Spokane region succeeded in its goal of raising $2.3 million to help fund second-year medical studies. Both Brown and Ramsey each pledged to increase the number Continue reading

The Importance of “Game Changers” in Spokane

Despite the phrase “Game Changer” being a tad cliché, it’s worth taking a look at when it’s been used to describe two local projects in Spokane. The phrase has been used for the past few years to describe the expansion of medical education in Spokane, specifically at the downtown Riverpoint Campus. A campus that could have a $2.1 billion annual economic impact statewide and support more than 13,410 jobs directly and indirectly when fully developed is huge for the region. The other project that has given birth to the phrase is the recently announced hotel proposed by Walt and Karen Continue reading

Our Thoughts: Washington Legislature, Health Care Reform, Spokane Arena Concerts and the Spokane Indians

Summer in Spokane is as beautiful as ever. That’s one thing on our minds, and here are some others: – We wrote about what the end of the legislative session in Olympia means for Spokane last week. Let’s note some other projects that were funded at smaller amounts that aren’t headline grabbers but still incredibly important: $3.13 million for the Northwest Museum Arts & Culture (MAC) $1.267 million Sally’s House Receiving Care Center $400,000 for The Northwest Autism Center $350,000 for the Spokane River Toxics Task Force $250,000 for Mt. Spokane $225,000 for the Spokane Valley Food Bank $200,000 for Continue reading

Spokane Civic Leaders Make Case for Expanded Graduate Medical Education

Tweet April 25, 2013 WASHINGTON D.C. – Spokane civic leaders presented the region’s case for expanded graduate medical education Thursday to elected officials’ staff members as part of Greater Spokane Incorporated’s annual “D.C. Fly-in.” With a new medical school at the Riverpoint Campus in Spokane and a new Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences building set to open this fall, the next step in expanding medical education is growing Graduate Medical Education (GME) slots in the region, civic leaders say. The group presented the region’s position alongside Ashley Thompson of the American Hospital Association (AHA). In 1996, Congress put a cap on the Continue reading

Growing Graduate Medical Education in Spokane

Tweet Last Friday, nine fourth-year medical students (above) at WSU Spokane found out where they would be starting their residencies. Six of those nine students began their medical education studies in Spokane in 2009. It was a momentous day, as the students now know where the next stage of their education will take place. Residencies – what medical students complete after four years of medical school, also known as graduate medical education – are something this region needs more of. With an aging population, there is a need for more doctors, especially in rural areas. That’s where the Academic Health Continue reading

Resolving to Make 2013 Excellent

Tweet Many of us make them. Some of us keep them. And some of us can’t stand them. What are they? Christmas cards from relatives. Actually no, they’re resolutions, and just like many of you, we’re making a few as 2013 approaches. After a great 2012, we’re eager to see where 2013 takes us.

An Update on Medical Education in Spokane

Tweet The windows on the Biomedical and Health Sciences Building at the Riverpoint Campus are almost all intact, allowing construction to continue into the cooler months ahead. Expanding medical education in Spokane has progressed a lot lately. Let’s review: Starting in the fall of 2013, the second-year of medical education will be offered in Spokane through the WWAMI program. That means students can study in Spokane for four straight years (previously, students were required to study in Seattle for their second year). In simple terms, keeping students here all four years increases the chances that they complete their residencies here, Continue reading

Confessions of a Spokane High School Graduate and Aspiring Medical Professional

Tweet Brad Skalstad is an 18-year-old intern here at Greater Spokane Incorporated. He recently graduated high school in Spokane with the hopes of possibly entering the medical field after college. Once he began his internship, he soon learned Spokane has a lot to offer to students like him. These are his words: My family has coined the phrase “pulling a Bradley,” which essentially means not seeing what is directly in front of your eyes. Though usually referring to a pair of socks or a jug of milk in the fridge, I’ve come to see that I “pulled a Bradley” on Continue reading

Look Who Went to Washington

Tweet Another year, another advocacy trip to Washington D.C. is in the books. Our regional delegation met with government officials, elected officials, Air Force officials, presented a Key to the City to retiring Representative Norm Dicks, talked about tankers, transportation, graduate medical education, and a lot more. Here’s what we took away from the trip:

Back From Olympia

Tweet We are back from Olympia, and back from the winter storm. Despite Olympia getting a record snowfall (more than 14 inches!), more than 60 members of our delegation traveled to Olympia to meet with our regional representatives from the 3rd, 4th, 6th, and 9th legislative districts, plus Governor Christine Gregoire. All of our regional representatives met with us or with members in our delegation.