GSI Staff Members Share What They’re Thankful For This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is this week, and we have a lot to be thankful for: A wonderful place in which we live, all the skiing and golfing we ever wanted, an awesome cost of living, a fantastic downtown and much more. But you already knew that. We sampled some staff members here to see what they’re thankful for. Let’s start off with a pertinent one….. “I’m thankful that Spokane now has a well-deserved medical school.”– Rich Hadley, President and CEO You bet it does! “I am thankful for all the great exhibitors and attendees that make Spokane Ag Expo successful every year. Continue reading

Increasing Educational Attainment Levels in Spokane County

How healthy a person is often has a lot to do with their educational attainment level. The Spokane Regional Health District’s 2012 Health Inequities in Spokane County study shows that those living without a high school diploma in Spokane County have a 46 percent chance of living in poverty, which leads to unhealthy lifestyles. Obtaining that post-secondary degree is a big way people can stay out of poverty, live healthier lives and obtain good jobs. That’s why Priority Spokane, an affiliate of Greater Spokane Incorporated, is working to increase educational attainment to improve community health in Spokane County. Priority Spokane is one Continue reading

Giving Kids a Supporting CAST

Tweet What does the health of a community depend on? A lot of things, obviously, but one thing in particular is how educated its kids are. Kids dropping out of school and living without a high school diploma don’t create a healthy society. A group in Spokane is aiming to catch at-risk kids before they drop out.

Focused on Today’s Students

Tweet We’ve written why we teach the teachers. We’ve written why we support public education (twice, actually). And we’ve written about STEM Education, FIRST Robotics and preparing our future workforce. All are important pieces for today’s students so they’ll be prepared after graduating. There are two other groups that share that goal, and we have partnerships with both.