Spokane: Home Sweet Home!

Tweet Recent college graduate and Greater Spokane Incorporated intern Robyn Swanson shares her thoughts on returning to Spokane after graduation: If you grew up in Spokane, its generously ample supply of benefits becomes seemingly forgotten out of pure naiveté. Many high school graduates leave for a college education with no plans on returning. What they are starting to realize now is that Spokane holds the adventure and opportunities they have been seeking all along. As a Spokane native myself I remember dreaming of the day I would move out of Spokane, and then I graduated college and found myself eager Continue reading

Summertime in the 509

Tweet Let’s face it. There are so many good reasons to live in Spokane, we’d blow our servers on this blog listing them all. With affordable housing, great schools, the two biggest state parks, five incredible ski resorts all within a two-hour drive, golf courses that Jack Nicklaus admires, and so much more, why would we want to live somewhere else? Living in Spokane also allows us to enjoy a great summer. Let’s take a look at ten reasons summer in Spokane is simply the best.

Great Events, Great Business

Tweet Spokane is the exciting hub of Inland Northwest events and festivals from early May to late September for locals, tourists and everyone else. These events have a huge positive impact on our economy. Don’t believe me? Just take a gander at the numbers below.