To Olympia We Go

Tweet Things you can count on each and every year: 1. The World Series (well, not in 1994, at least). 2. The Academy Awards. 3. Spokane business leaders converging on Olympia to brag about our great region and to advocate for its businesses. From Jan. 23-25, Greater Spokane Incorporated (that’s us!), and the Greater Spokane Valley and West Plains chambers of commerce will lead a delegation of 80-plus business and community leaders to our Capitol and keep our region in the minds of our elected officials. This should be an interesting year in Olympia. We have a new governor and Continue reading

Confessions of a Spokane High School Graduate and Aspiring Medical Professional

Tweet Brad Skalstad is an 18-year-old intern here at Greater Spokane Incorporated. He recently graduated high school in Spokane with the hopes of possibly entering the medical field after college. Once he began his internship, he soon learned Spokane has a lot to offer to students like him. These are his words: My family has coined the phrase “pulling a Bradley,” which essentially means not seeing what is directly in front of your eyes. Though usually referring to a pair of socks or a jug of milk in the fridge, I’ve come to see that I “pulled a Bradley” on Continue reading

Cool Schools in the Spokane Region

Tweet Updated – July 28 The United States government found that those with a college education receive on average $51,206 a year while those with just a high school diploma earn $27,915. The region is filled with money making opportunities by being home to more than 13 different higher education institutions. Some of these universities include Eastern Washington University, Gonzaga, Washington State University Spokane, Whitworth and the Community Colleges of Spokane. Let’s take a look at some local universities…

Why We’re Teaching The Teachers

Tweet Updated: Corrected Link – 4/1/11 It’s often been said that teachers are the most important people in a child’s life, besides parents. Teachers contribute to the shape of our workforce. Here at Greater Spokane Incorporated, we’re constantly working to create a better, more skilled workforce. One way to do that is to put careers in front of educators, who will then take that information and pass it along to their students. So how do we do that?